Sayadaw Dr Asabha

                            Sayadaw Dr. Asabha

Sayadaw Dr Asabha

‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ Unlike most of us, for Sayadaw, his childhood dream was always to become a monk ! He was born in 1972 to U Lwin & Daw Ohn Myaing in Chaung Mee To Village, Sagaing Division, Myanmar. He ordained at 12 as a Samanera (Novice monk) and got his full ordination as a Bhikkhu (monk) at 20. He dedicated over 15 years in studying Buddha’s scriptures in Pali, Burmese and English.
• ‘Vinaya Vidu’ title Conferred by the Government (Myanmar)
• Dhammacariya , B.A, Buddhism (Myanmar)
• Maha Dhammacariya, M.A Buddhism (Myanmar)
• M.A. University of Kelaniya (Sri Lanka)
• Ph.D. Buddhism- Satipatthana Sutta (India)
Admired by his students for his expert knowledge and loving nature, he has been spreading Buddha Dhamma around Myanmar and Europe since 1998. He has been the Abbott of Shwe War Min Meditation Center since 2002. From very modest beginning, the center has been growing steadily and now Sayadaw runs following activities at the center:

Mogok Method:

In the homeland of classic Vipassana meditation, Myanmar, the Mogok method is the most widely practiced method with around 1,000 monasteries/ meditation centers. The reason this method has been so popular is because of the number of students attaining insights with this method, some even say that this is perhaps the short-cut to enlightenment.

Mogok Sayadaw realized that having the right view, “Seeing things as they truely are” is very important at the beginning level of insight meditation. So, before he would even talk about vipassana practice, he teach how to remove the wrong views- ditthis first. To gain the first stage of removing ditthi, he set about teaching the Doctrine of Dependent Origination ( Paticca-samuppada) as emphasized by the Buddha himself.

To gain the better result in insight meditation, Mogok Sayadaw focuses on giving a number of dhamma talks about Dependent Origination. So meditators can gain some wisdom and the practice meditation more effectively with the wisdom and right view.

Center Activities

(1) Meditation Retreats for adults

Opening meditation retreats for adults monthly for seven days. In this retreat, particularly I preach to the meditators the doctrine of dependent origination as a basic point at first. Finally, make clear to them how to practice meditation and how to live in daily life according to the doctrine of dependent origination. The doctrine of dependent origination is useful not only in practicing meditation but also in daily life. That’s why I put emphasis on dependent origination only.

(2) Special Retreats for Children

Making accessible meditation retreats for children every summer Holidays and every December holidays yearly. In this connection, I’d like to enlighten to them “How to live fear and worry” according to Theravada Buddhist. Learning and practicing meditation will be experience in this retreat. Especially Buddhist civilization and general knowledge will be provided for them, something like Buddhist songs, Poems and Proverbs.

(3) Shwe War Win Buddhist Sunday school

Making available Buddhist Sunday School and teaching Buddhist Civilization, not only in English but also Myanmar for the children. Teaching and learning will be the five precepts, the eight precepts, the nine precepts and the ten precepts are as basic knowledge. The Thirty-eight blessings, the doctrine of dependent origination and practicing meditation will be higher knowledge. Buddhist Songs, Poems and Proverbs will be general knowledge. Especially, how to speak with Buddhist monks and other lay devotees, how to conduct yourself in front of Buddhist monks and lay people, according to Buddhist civilization will be include there in.

(4) Shwe War Win Clinic

(Free distribution only)

I have the full support of Clinic together with medicines for the Welfare of beings (free of charge). I have a chance to make a medical treatment contribution for poor people around my monastery. At the beginning, give medical treatment daily but presently, more or less (250) patients are taking medical treatment (Sunday only) because of fewer donations. If I have enough donations I’d like to make bigger and longer than this situation. Regardless of their nation, religion and colors, anyone must be the same with us.

(5) Special Retreat for foreigners

Occasionally opening meditation retreat for foreign meditators and giving Dhamma Talks Twice a day concerning with the Doctrine of Dependant Origination.

Nowadays majority of people here in Myanmar are really interesting Dependent Origination while it is profound and hard. This doctrine explains obviously that there is no effect without cause just as “There is no smokes without fire as well as no pain no gain”. To understand evidently these proverbs and so on, the doctrine of dependent origination is a must.

To get rid of Wrong View and to release from Suffering, the doctrine of dependent origination is the only way to learn.

So I’d like to enlighten by way of dependent origination for those who are eagerly to know “cause and effect, good and bad”.